Sunday, November 14, 2010

Extremism of Islam, Women subjugation, Killing

Assalamu alaikum!

Good for thought. Allow me to highlight few points of the debate. 
1. Extremism of Islam; the root of the problem due to undivided support by the West government towards establishment of Zionist regime in Israel that followed by depriving of Palestine Muslim rights in their own country.
2. Women subjugation; there is no subjugation of women in Islam as a matter of fact the history has proven that Islam raised up the the woman status during the medieval age by high respectable position in society compared to era of Roman, Byzantine and Persian Empires.
3. Killing; How many Muslims being killed in their own country by uninvited guests compared to people that killed by so called extremists out side of the Muslim world as a result of bad treatment and frustration,
its very great challenge and let us be prepared to disseminate  Islamic dakwah vigorously among non-Muslims at any opportunity arisen.
Wassalam : rashad.








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